Nettikett at work is a bit like driving. Though largely people get where they want to go, idiots and rough people will be part of the road and once and for all a complete accident and burn disaster. You can avoid getting into a disadvantage simply by keeping these simple netiquette tips in mind when sending a message in a work environment.

first Do not use any cap and large font. This is equivalent to yelling and is probably the most insulting thing you can do in an e-mail.

2nd The same weird fonts and colors. They are not as bad as all the hats in the sense that they are offensive but annoying and not serious, unworkable, and inadequate to work.

3rd Make sure you're working on the correct email address. People can store thousands of emails and "Hi," as the subject of an email is not very useful when someone tries to find one of their old emails.

4th Do not forget to send a message at the beginning of the email, no matter how busy you are. You have not started a message with & # 39; Dear So-and-So & # 39; or Hello X, & # 39; sudden and rough. You will not only start talking to someone personally without having to greet, so there is no reason for the email.

5th Always sign up for your email with the greeting card. Using a signature that contains information such as the position and availability at the bottom is very convenient. It's also professional and solid.

6th If you send bulk emails, the BCC will send recipients, if necessary. Some people do not like aliens to see their email address.

7th If you send people you do not know very well, avoid sarcasm and jokes. One of our associates we know has bad experiences and made a rule that jokes had to be written in yellow, so there was no mistake. Written messages do not belong to the body language, so what may seem harmless joke may be misunderstood.

8th If you want to send jokes or comments, you must take a deep breath and check the person you send. They were all victims of the catastrophe where we sent a bad email to a bad person.

ninth After Number 8: If this was one of the emails that seemed funny but unbelievably awkward later, send it from your personal email address, preferably to your friend's personal email address.

10th It goes without saying, but it still has to be said. Do not go for funny jokes and photos. He never knows who he is and can be offended. The fun (non-suggestive) forwarding must be ok if you are going to save money.

eleventh Last but not least, you know that work email sent by you is considered as a corporate property. Even if you have deleted the message, copies may still exist somewhere. If you do not want to find written evidence of something embarrassing or burdensome to come back to haunt, just do not send it away. Keep in mind that if you are on a network, paranoia pays.

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