The lack of email answers is a question I have often faced, especially since hearing e-mail is the key to communication rather than to the phone.

Sends an email to the client, tracks it, and what does not. Hubby has been dealing with this customer for more than a year, waiting for employers and employees only instead of clients. When can you follow again? Are all those still working to work? There is no clear etiquette.

If you can not hear it back in a while, what's happening? I'm like Ilise, and I'm starting to draw conclusions. "Too expensive?" – She does not love me? (this is a female response rather than a male response) "Did not I say it right?"

We are waiting for an e-mail response within a short time, but I do not start to convince myself why I did not hear it so quickly. The answer may be simple as the person is too busy to respond. This may also mean that "No," though I think a person deserves to hear (read) and do not feel silent.

According to experts, silence is very rare. Remember this. I think this is accurate because I've been through a busy time where I did not answer my friends. emails within 24 hours for me. I became friends who rarely respond to my e-mails within two or three days. But within 24 hours I always respond to job-related emails, usually much less.

If I do not have the time to give a full answer, I'll put a short note on the voice: "Busy, Later Reply." Save the usual "busy response" file, template, or shortcut to copy and paste. It's better than silence, and it's better than getting multiple follow-ups from the person whether they've received the email. What if we make "quick recognition" a new etiquette? Maybe in the long run, we can save e-mails and stress.

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