Do you know where your online money is?

Money on the list … is on your own email list.

We've been online for a while now, thinking that all these people are pulling the six & # 39; or "seven" figurative incomes? I was there where you are today. Then I realized that all of these "gurus" are completely honest, they say: the lion's share of online income comes directly from the list of hot, sensitive respondents. Your list needs cash … really.

Are you sure you're writing e-books and compiling products that are sold online, but most of the products sold are listed on my lists and on the list of affiliates.

Simply put … if you want to kill on the Internet with any part of it, build an email list of people who are enrolled to hear what they say, want to see what they are offering. They will be friends of people in the email list who want to open emails.

Ok, so how do lists of emails work?

The email list is only a list of subscribers who have given you their name and email address in exchange for the information they provide. Usually a free ebook or software or something that is valuable to your prospects. Free resignation is very easy, as tons of free bets are available on the internet. Only free Google libraries & # 39; or "free" … I'm sure you'll find something in millions of hits.

The best freebie to offer, though would be the one with which you created it . It sounds like a daunting task, but it can be very simple. Find a PLR ebook / report on the topic you are interested in and transcribe. Always make sure that the ebook / report allows you to do this and make sure it is a unique plagiarism.

Fast List of Resale Rights for eBooks and Reports

1. For personal use only

It only means what it is … only for your own use, can not be modified, can not be sold, etc. The buyer has no right except personal use.

2nd Resale Rights (RR)

You may resell this product, but in general, you will not be able to change or sell any product other than your resale.

3rd General Resale Rights (MRR)

You can usually sell or sell the product with the MRR and allow your customers to do so. You can not change it in any way.

4th Private Label Rights (PLR)

If you rewrite the e-book and add yourself as an author, you are searching for it. Be sure to look at the interest of the particular eBook as it may vary from your rights to the product to the product. Always check to make sure it is not in violation of copyright laws!

You can even use Open Office, which is free and links will be preserved when converted to PDF format, in which format e-books and reports can usually be found.

or software development. Sounds expensive … right? You do not need to, just go to or and find a writer or developer to take care of the project inexpensive.

Well, did I get my free gift now?

Well, now it's time to marry, of course, the name and email address of the prospects.

The best way to do this is what is called a squeeze page. Here is the definition of "squeeze" & # 39; from Webopedia:

In the Internet and in the online advertising language, a squeeze page is a Web site that contains information that is of interest to marketed targeted readers. Squeeze pages are designed to get the reader's name and email address if they encourage users to join the email list to get more information about the subject.

Marketers will collect authorization-based emails and information that will be tracked later. There is still a debate about the actual definition of the squeeze site. Some people feel that landing pages provide additional hyperlinks to information and email opt-in list sign-ups to be a squeeze page, while others in the industry believe that they only view pages that include an email subscription they contain the press.

The trick is that the reader has to do very little, but to subscribe to his offer in return for the information. The name knot page & # 39; the information is shaken out of the reader, so he speaks.

I would recommend your own storage space to your squeeze site, but if the money is scarce, you can use Blogger, sometimes, or any freely available web page.

How do I track these subscribers?

Well, you can try to handle it all by yourself … free & # 39; to send e-mails to your list, but I do not recommend it! You may be overwhelmed soon enough.

No, I always recommend you sign up for an auto responder service. I use and recommend Aweber, just like most online marketing. Some worthy auto answer services are iContact and GetResponse.

Aweber only pays $ 20 a month and can not afford … why is there an email list in the first place?

I'm not going to show you in detail how to create your account, or when you send follow-up emails or emails, etc. As Aweber does well with this web site.

Good luck, and do not forget that money is actually on the list! & # 39;

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