B2B e-mail marketing

According to Royal Mail, the recent price increase for mail is largely due to a decrease in postal volume and, of course, the higher the price, the more it moves from the traditional letter! Even at the current level, postage costs are very reasonable compared to other countries, but if you send a large number of invoices, sales notes, or catalogs, costs will soon be added.

Alternatives to Royal Mail, such as TNT and UKMail, have been offering business users many years of service and saving up to 30%. Royal Mail offers a number of packages, including the excellent Door-to-Door service. But the most commonly used alternative is of course e-mail.

When and how you will use e-mails depending on whether you are targeting existing customers / clients or looking for new ones

Professionals … [19659002] Quick e-mails can be quickly compiled and can be sent quickly, we have developed projects that require a 24-hour roundabout, which they could never do with traditional postcards, even if the first class was the next day, national and "Postie [naponta kétszer szállítjuk.]

Inexpensive (or low cost) I must be) If your e-mail is working properly, that is, to get to the right person, read it and plan it properly afterwards.

If you use a third party to send email, you will be charged a fee Some offer free services for small quantities, but if you want really valuable data such as shipping and open fees you will have to pay.

t When traditional postcards are printed, there are often many in the approval process, and more is accomplished – extra eyes that raise problems before they leave the building

. E-mails are often placed in the office for the youngest person, and this can be a recipe for disaster.

If you send emails at a certain point, you are accused of spamming. Wait for the irate phone call in the worst case that your ISP will pull out the plug (this happens).

So how do we use e-mail effectively to communicate with other businesses?


Make sure your list is accurate and up to date. If you use it clearly for B2B communication, you do not need to use a "double opt-in" list, but you only need to provide the correct details. A good list will reduce the time spent on non-outcome and the likelihood that the receiving organization will identify as a potential spammer.

Purchasing an email list does not contradict the rules, and there are some good quality listings from reputable suppliers (as well as awesome clothes), but some ISPs explicitly prohibit the use of purchased lists due to quality issues. A good example of this is 1and1.com

It is worth mentioning that most of the British rules for e-mail marketing (as regulated by the 2003 Data Protection and Electronic Communications (EC) Regulations) are not known as PECR. B2B communication. But, and this is a big one, but many of the organizations in the supply chain are not British companies, they don't understand the difference between B2B and B2C, or choose to ignore it. In addition, there are organizations such as Spam Haus, self-appointed electronic communications, who try to prevent all unsolicited e-mail, regardless of what the law says.

As a general rule of thumb, it will not be a problem if you send it to business email addresses (avoiding Hotmail or Gmail accounts) and, wherever possible, make sure that you promote your business.



Most e-mail system default settings are "disable images", so emails must contain a simple text version of the content and ideally a link to the URL where you can see it in full e-mail if the recipient cannot enable the images. Similarly, avoiding images or attaching them to email – because of their size, they slow down the entire process and increase the chances of the recipient refusing them, so it's better to have a home.

e-mail is short and accurate – if you need to have a lot of information and / or image in the e-mail link. If you send a message like a newsletter, it contains only the shortest details, perhaps an image and the first sentence or two of each article. Space is the premium on e-mail windows, so put all the important things on top!

Video is a very effective way to connect to a recipient. A clearly marked video footage encourages people to read emails and click on the movie. Studies suggest that the open ratio is four times higher for video,

PECR rules require a clear and simple method of requesting mailing lists. You must clearly identify the name of the organization sending the email, the site, and the company registration number, if any.

Invitation to Action

How many e-mails will be sent without a clear call or call this number by e-mail or click here. If you target them to a webpage, make sure that the link is correct and passes to the appropriate page.

Often, difficulties or delays in modifying a site can slow down the entire project. Consider using a mini / micro website as landing pages or social media

Handling Complaints

As I mentioned earlier, if you are sending emails, you should deal with complaints sooner or later, so you should best use the simple registration procedure and speeding up problems if necessary. A copy of this must be provided to send the complainant with the privacy policy.

From experience it has been found to contradict the complainants about what it means or does not mean spam. If you simply get annoyed, apologize and remove them from the list and make sure they are on the exclusion list for future campaigns

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