Email marketing is one of the ways to guide your site traffic. Here is the important Do (s) and not (e) of e-mail marketing in my perspective.

First come, Dos

1. Develop a topic for email marketing

Be clear about the purpose of your email address. Probably the goal is to increase the business, but in some cases people want a business through different divisions. For example, if you need a car dealer, you would like to request more businesses through a particular model. So be clear to your needs.

2nd Next, Design and Content

Set a standard for email planner, which is header with corporate logo and footer address. Use an attractive design that matches the subject of your e-mail and simple and sticky words, but it should not be too capricious. Use subtitles that highlight your keywords. The shorter and sweet can do more!

3rd Offers / Offers

Provide offers / deals that would be useful to the seller and the buyer to create a win-win situation

4. Unique in all respects

Your email must be unique in all respects – Your style of design, content, attracting customers on your own, which added a milestone to the company

5. Connect the email to your site

Link the most appropriate section of the site that contains more information about the item in the action buttons, such as "Contact us for details" / "Click here to find out more". Do not forget that the submitter / submit form is on the page that is linked to your email address.

6th Use a Correct Email Item

Use the E-mail Label while creating items for your e-mail address. An e-mail subject is a key factor in email marketing, which first draws the recipient's attention

7. You can unsubscribe and subscribe

Add an opt-out option if the customer no longer wants to receive emails. In the meantime, it is clear to those who are interested in how to reach them.

8th Verified Email List

Verify that you have an authentic email list and frequently update your email database. Paragraphs 7 and 8 may help to prevent the level of spam

. Test the Email

Test the email once before you blow up your customers. Analyze all the sections of the email and check that everything works ok.

10th Campaign Tracking

After everything goes well, track your email campaign on results such as what was good and analyzed why it went well. This would impel its future aspirations.

Now, Don & # 39; ts

1. Do not forget the recipient's mailbox

Enter an interval between an e-mail user and another according to your compliance. Do not pick up the recipient's mailbox

2. Do not hesitate to study the simple things

Do not strike words; take care of the grammatical flow; no more than 2 links in the email. Concentrating on even simpler things could do even more.

3rd Do not force the unsubscribe list

If you understand that some customers do not care, do not force them back and forth again. Honor your customers.

In addition to Do (s) and Not (s) above, you can set your way to traffic control along with the tactic

Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed !!!

Cheers [19659002] Harini

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