If you are trying to write e-mail, the following tips will not only make it easier for you, but also create a bond between you and your readers. How Good Is It?

Here is the tip that the author has more than 100 "how" books ten years ago …

Tip 1: Write As You Speak

In fact, there are two the wonderful mountain.

First, if you imagine being in a very good friend at a cafe (or in a local British pub) where you sip a nice drink, your style will be "much looser and flowing." Will not you

Second, normal It's clear, straightforward, and accurate – what's easier to write and is easier for the reader to understand – and that's what you want, right?

Tip 2: Write it fast [19659002] Spend a few moments, think about the points you want to cover in your message, make the points as needed

Then imagine your buddy rolls over and starts talking on the keyboard But there's a

When you write fast, you write a lot more clearly. If you find that you are struggling, it means that thoughts are not clear in your mind, or you're trying too hard. And in both of the cases you're making, it will not be great.

Best of all? You will not only be more productive, it will be clear and readers will swear they are writing to them directly.

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