When formulating your email marketing strategy, you must take the necessary steps to secure your potential customers for security and privacy when you provide your personal information. These tips will help you to do this with your email marketing strategy.

# 1 – Create an opt-in subscription form to the email list via the front page of the web page. If you use a popup feature to get your email address on your site, be sure to encrypt this popup feature to appear only once on your site, not all the pages visited by your site visitor. This is more likely to turn off your potential customers and then you will receive that they agree to give you their email address. In addition, this suggests that if you subscribe to your services, you are harassed.

# 2 – Make sure subscribers understand and understand their privacy policy. The main reason why people do not issue their email address is because they are afraid they will be shared with other websites and bombarded with spam. Therefore, we ask that subscribers know that we value their privacy and never sell or sell their personal information.

This is just two of the most popular, yet overlooked, e-mail marketing tips you'll ever meet. Make them use and go slowly to create a powerful and effective email marketing campaign on your website or company.

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