When you start your email newsletter, you can either plan yourself or get someone planning it for you. It's a lot better to design yourself. Email newsletter design services may be a little expensive. If you think only experts can make newsletters, let me tell you that this is not true. It used to be true when nothing had been done to design anything without HTML or CSS.

There are nowadays software that can be used by everyday people who can not get anything from HTML or CSS to design their own newsletter templates and web site templates. These software are made with a user-friendly interface, users can only create templates by dragging commands and elements. There is a short learning curve that needs to be overcome in order to make the best use of the software. After all, this learning phase is much shorter than we would expect if we learned HTML.

Software includes training videos. Do not hesitate to spoil it, as it can know the features that the program performs. These programs are called WYSIWYG, which means what you see what you get. A popular program for Nvu, which is freeware. Another Nvu-like program is KompoZer; it is also free and user-friendly. You can download both from their own website. There you will find support services and forums.

These programs allow you to build templates that you can use for newsletters or websites. You can draw tables, change fonts, resize the template, and add photos to it. All these features can only be accomplished by clicking on the mouse. So you can create your own email newsletter without learning code

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