One of the keys to writing powerful emails is that it is conceivable that you actually write a person, a very specific person. One way of doing this is to imagine sending this email to a friend, a very special friend. Write it as you write it down. If this is too difficult, ask a friend to sign up for your list, then it will be really – it's on the list and you're reading your email – write them down! This will instantly ease emails.

Although I am not the author of a special structure in your email, I'm giving you a crude structure.

It seems to me that if e-mails are really effective, they are written for a certain person, but they are personal. They will not always follow a certain structure. Think about it when you wrote to your friend to tell him something that happened in your age, you use a formula? No, tell them what happened, maybe ask a question or two – then finish the email.

So why is the same thing with your subscriber list emails?

Often, this is exactly what I do. I ask you a question, tell someone to learn something by clicking on a particular link, entering the link, and ending the email.

That's right. Nothing special. At other times I can tell a story and then give me a link. I am upgrading the structure and content of email. You see, I'm writing for real people, so the structure of the email must be changed. If you write your best friend, you would not have the same structure every time, right? And no one here.

Now there is a pattern structure that can and should be distinguished – that the emails are unique.

1) Headline (Address) – something exciting, yet accurate to get readers Attention.

2) Introduction – I often ask a question: Do you know how to create a large list? For example.

3) A story – I often report a short story about my problem and how I resolved it.

4) Another question – for example, would you like to know how I did it?

5) A call to action – for example, look at this and see what you think:

6) Closing

This is pretty basic and you can leave any part of your email – you certainly do not want the same boring format sent every time you send an e-mail.

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