If someone meets a new person, either at an informal meeting (eg Party) or at a more formal venue (such as a Business Conference), it is sometimes difficult to say how to start a conversation. Keeping it even harder. How can a great, memorable conversation be held that the offerer will not forget? The good news is that there are two simple tricks to capture the person in question. Read the reading and explain how.

first Tricks: Turn the spotlight on, not you. Instead of focusing too much on you, the more you can think about and talk about yourself the more you grasp the subject of the conversation. Confident people realize that if they are listening more than talking, they learn more from someone and are able to catch the speaker in this process. In most cases, the speaker does not even realize that he is talking the most! This technique works surprisingly well and makes the speaker even more memorable. My manager still remembers a conversation he had with me when I first met him. He thinks this is one of our best conversations, but the truth is, I did not say much, but rather kept talking about it.

Trick # 2: Echo Keywords Like a Parrot Conversations naturally turn back from one another to another. You may be a hoax when you return to the order and you do not know what to say next to keep the conversation flow. Fortunately, a foolproof technique is the identification of the keyword that the speaker just spoke and echoes, creating additional exclusion. For example, here is a sample conversation using the echo technique to simply keep the conversation (and even direct the various directions):

  • Partner: "I was really happy at the conference."
  • You: "Conference?"
  • Partner: "Yes, the food was wonderful and the loudspeakers were very good."
  • You: "Good speakers?"
  • Partner: "Yes, Bob Johns was there, and Adam Carlson talked about business ethics."
  • You: "Business ethics?"
  • Partner: "Yes … [conversation continues]."
  • You (repeating the previous keyword to turn the conversation in a different direction) : "Did you say the food was wonderful?"

Keep in mind the two simple techniques, and conversations are going on and become more memorable. Good luck!

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