The biggest mistake for job seekers is usually when networking simply does not recognize the real width of the network being available. By contrast, other job seekers have begun to evaluate the network they have been producing and have begun to work but do not get the results that many experts promise when they sing the praise of networking.

No surprise – there are unread rules for optimal networking. How well your network works, it will determine how effective your efforts are, how much you should receive when setting up setup meetings and how easily you expand your network.

Let's look at eight rules for job seekers to optimize their networking efforts.

  1. Do not miss network appointments for job search. If you're talking to people who are currently in your network or those you want to join, make sure you do not insist on finding a new job. It is a fact that you calm down the people you are talking to not ask for a job. It is possible that when you call a network meeting, you will hear "I'm sorry we do not rent". Here's a good answer: "It's great, I understand you have a very stable job, I want to know more about it, I hope I learn something that will help me in finding a job." After finally rolling over, do not swap gears and ask for a job [19659005IfyourneighborSarahSmithrepeatsyoufromanoldcolleagueJohnPublicyourfirstwordsoutofyourmouthwhenyoucallJames"SaraSmithsuggestedcallingmeup"AdditionallywhenSaraoriginallyclaimedthatyouweretalkingtoJohnhewouldhaveaskedhimwhetherornothewouldcallhimbackandtellhimtocallTousethemarketinglanguagethis"coldcall"becomesahotcall
  2. Positive cause to meet with people Let's go on the previous example.When Sara suggests talking to John, ask him why. When you call John, say something, "Sara Smith told me you are the master of networking and I can add ideas for how to use networking in my job search . "
  3. Creating and Respecting the Limits of a Network Meeting. Let's say he phoned John and asked "15 minutes to discuss what they know about the latest technology in new cities." In 15 minutes, he needs to thank him for his time and is ready to leave. You can invite you to stay and continue the conversation – but it's your call.
  4. Do not leave without any other submissions. If you have sold cutlery, encyclopedias or vacuum in high school, you know this technique. After completing each network meeting, ask for a recommendation on who you can talk to. Again, it can come up with objections, such as "I do not know anyone who gets". This is a good way to "want to talk to anyone who thinks for any reason in information gathering mode". Again, if you ask, ask if the offered person is willing to make a call on your behalf to mention that he will call.
  5. Thank you for your comment after a network meeting. If a successful businessman takes out 15 or more minutes from his time and hopefully shares 1 to 2 deals with you, you have been put to valuable goods for you. Thank you, thank you.
  6. reciprocate. Networking works because many successful businessmen give outsiders strangers, as they have no immediate profits. At a time when networking has led to new job opportunities, your phone may ring. If an alien alien is absolutely 15 minutes from your time, then priority should be given.
  7. Integrates online job search with networking. Surfing on the workplace web pages is a great way to find out about the opportunities available, renters, etc. When viewing ads, remember that people in your network – friends, staff, and more. for the employers in question. Getting access to these people is a very powerful way to be distinguished from other applicants.

There is some reason why all career coaches coincide with networking, is the cool way to work best. It's not a simple way, it's not a quick trip. But you can give VIP status during meetings (especially useful when it turns out that there are opportunities for which we are well trained) and this can lead to 80% of what experts say.

So, to paraphrase a popular program, networking "works if you're working". And it is best to follow the previous rules and recommendations.

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