Is your business using email to connect with your customers?

If your answer is yes, you may have already experienced issues that come from customers who do not have valid or current e-mail accounts. Are you familiar with the following?

  • Retracted Emails or Non-Delivery Receipts (NDRs)
  • After Manually Upgrading Client Newsletters with All NDRs of All Newsletters or Campaigns

Desktop Email Validation

consider that one of the large number of desktop products is available to authenticate bulk emails.

You may think of buying such desktop products. If so, stop it!

We've found that these products simply can not provide accurate results.

The big problem with desktop software

Why are there problems? There is no problem with the software, but by running it.

Checking email addresses used for verification requires a bi-directional "conversation" between the mailbox you are checking and the software you are verifying.

This problem occurs when the server that serves as the verification e-mail account. Because of spam issues, many e-mail accounts use different methods to check spam-smtp conversations.

Does not have a reverse DNS entry for your IP

  • No valid DNS / SPF
  • Does not have a reverse DNS entry for your IP
  • No valid DNS / SPF a record for the desktop validation software running IP address.
  • We've determined that the following major email service providers do not support e-mail validation from desktop software:

    • Microsoft Live
    • Gmail
    • AOL

    19659002] there are many things we can cite, but only those results may raise questions as to whether desktop e-mail validation software is worth the money.

    Server Server Verification

    We are confident that the only way to authenticate e-mail addresses is a server (service) solution. Servers can be configured to speak correctly with remote email accounts. With desktop software this configuration is simply not possible.

    Is it worth the money?

    Are desktop email software for money? Maybe there are, but it's important to know what you can expect when you buy a license. If you expect 100% accuracy, it will never be available with email validation software. However, if you are looking for the best possible precision, you need to know that desktop software is simply unsuccessful. This may be good for you to simply reduce the return of emails from your campaigns. However, if you need the best validation results, server-based software is the only way to get started.

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