Email has revolutionized communication, but many people forget how practical a tool can be for the construction industry.

For entrepreneurs who always move, it's often difficult to concentrate on phone conversations or addressing all the purchased details. Intraday notes and then sending / answering an e-mail at a designated time during the day will allow greater concentration and clear communication.

Customers also have a busy life in the disruption of work, school, children, and construction / rebuilding standards. Although customers may not be able to call you at work, emails can be paused or at home even when they are more focused.

E-mail is an easy way for customers to find out about progress (even delivering such images), send simple notifications, delays or complaints, modify orders, deliver pictures or information about a particular product, etc.

Email also contains a written account of what has been negotiated between two parties. Often forgettable or ambiguous items over the phone, the email allows you to check the conversation. In case of dispute, the email tool will provide both parties with a look at the actual discussions.

In the "green" e-mail spirit, it also brings unnecessary waste of paper to the bidding / estimates, copies of orders, invoices, and so on.

Although this tool does not eliminate all other communication tools, it must turn the full benefits of construction projects as a practical communication resource.

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