Imagine life in the old days when communication between people lasted for several months, depending on how far the communication was.

Imagine writing a letter – you know the old-fashioned forms of communication people used around the world to keep in touch with family, friends, and business acquaintances.

Imagine waiting months to respond to a letter, sometimes just to find out that the recipient of the letter died in the middle of the month, or maybe a granddaughter, or some other noteworthy event that you do not know for a long time.

Now imagine our ancestors and predecessors could see the future to see the speed with which future communications are being sent and received. I do not think I overreach what I notice if they react if I say that there would be no surprise. The English word "gobsmacked" fits very nicely.

I think these ancestors can live so excited about the age of instant communication that nothing can hinder them from communicating until the cows return home. In order to get to know the important events immediately, regardless of whether they are private, business or political conscience. It's still mine!

Imagine it again if you want to live in the age of instant communication. Oh, wait! Just like me. Do you use this exciting technology or become so desperate and ill that it not only delays people's long-term response, but often does not want to respond?

Are you so busy that you can not access the Reply button so that at least the person who has stretched you out knows you have received the email? Not talking about spam or cutesy little "This must send at least 9 people within a nanosecond or if your thighs are lost on the Greek columns."

No, I'm referring to e-mails where someone has taken their time in busy days to communicate with you. In order for most emails to find the favor and help the e-mail initiator, it will hurt if you only have a "Thank you but do not thank" reply. Something you want to know is that you really received your emails and did not go to the big spam file in the email.

One of the doctors I worked with earlier was famous for his short answers to e-mails. He was talking about medical practice because his answers were simple, "he remarked. At the time when we thought he was a rude companion to answer a 10-sentence long e-mail, a strange" commented "?

Now I know she's doing some kind of good manners. You acknowledge receipt of our e-mails. Sometimes he responded thoroughly, but did he give us the simple "remembered" or longer version, at least we knew that he was aware of what we tried to hand him over to.

A simple acknowledgment, this day of fast communication too much to ask? Even though many people ask people for whatever purpose, how long does the "Reply" and "Comments" or "Thank you but do not care about this time alone?" All right, we do not appreciate the second part of the sentence, but at least we could that we have heard or read the case.

As you probably figured, I'm one of the people who fill my days with people by email, told them about the three books about addiction, and tried to give them more interest. Because of the high cost of ads, it's not possible to publish self-published ads on products to take advantage of the technology that our ancestors could not imagine.

So if you get me an email from my books, I'd be happy to get a response, even if I've "noticed" or "hiking." Although I like to get a "OMG that's so enthusiastic about your books, here's a million dollar contract!" Of course I do not think so, but at least I would appreciate it. Imagine this!

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