This is an old, old saying, but it is true: only one
chance has a good first impression. And the first appearance is always visible in the e-mail – the consumer is seen before / SEES

Imagine wandering in a grotesque shop around a variety of types
covering the canopy, every floor
painting a different color and playing unmatched music
loudspeakers. Do you want to walk in the front door? No
way! Suppose the owner is the most kook, or worst case, a
murdered murderer.

Have you ever had a rough search email landing in your
mailbox? Do you know what I'm talking about: an orange background and yellow borders, a multicolored text of every size
from gigantic to microscopic, a message that looks like an
year old? If he did, I would accept that he did not feel the urge to read. Probably only
wanted to delete it as quickly as possible.

You want your email to be friendly and inviting, not [bizalmas és ijesztő]
. The following suggestions – and they are just suggestions, not hard and fast rules – will take a long
way for recipients to "come in!" message


– DO NOT use the COLOR fonts in your messages.

-DO uses black text on a white background (When "black and white" you speak
people give full attention to their message,

-DON`T uses UNCOMMON FONTS. (If your system does not recognize the selected font then you can see 19459003 instead of the brilliant message.)

-DO use the E-mail Marketers favorite FONTS: Arial, Times
New Roman and Courier New

And please

– Do not use flash buttons or banners in your email (Your
"bells and whistles" were unsuccessfully filled when searching for more on the Internet.)


The" e-mail hyperlink "is just a techno conversation with a link to your
in a mail address to a web site or email address is quite loud
and this is – unless you are trying to find AOL who can not get "clickable" links

Do not worry because " fix ": just type in the mailto:
before your email address (no place in
include the following:


for your product or service SIGNATURE TAG, 6 text queues (usually) that will be sent automatically
to all sent messages

If you want to add tags to your messages, simply open
mail program. Locate the SIGNATURES TAB (located in the [TOOLS/OPTIONSmenuof[Outlook
). Follow the (simple)
instructions to create the sig file. It's as light as pie … and the results
can admire it.


Steven Ackerman

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