Email is much longer than the Internet. In 1968, the Ministry of Defense offered a Bolt Berenak and Newman company to create a way to communicate between military and educational institutions. Developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which allowed users to leave messages that they will see when they log in to the network. First, they could leave the same machine alone – it was like leaving a note on a desk that only requires machines!

The Ray Tomlinson engineer is credited with sending the first email between two different units. Tomlinson's assignment was to make the original ARPAN application more. It worked on a project that would allow ARPAN users to send files to other users. She realized she was perfectly capable of sending messages. You then created your standard email address, which we will continue to use, the user name followed by @ and then the host. After two years of innovation, almost three quarters of the turnover of the ARPAN network was e-mail.

The public did not enjoy the extensive use of emails until the 1990s, but it was not commercially available until 1988. Eudora was one of the first email readers, and until 1994 it was extremely popular when Internet Explorer and Netscape were introduced to offer e-mail programs that are free of charge for browsers.

Today, hundreds of millions of people use e-mails and are constantly evolving. It's a great way for staff, friends, family, and more. Its use is infinite. There are now free reverse email search sites that allow you to find owners of any address. This is one of the best tools for business, communication and entertainment that we know today.

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