A new customer recently asked a question about the best time for marketing e-mail.

Many people think that e-mails need to be short. Probably a transfer from early days on the Internet when the speed of the connection was so slow. He kept a longer message for download, so we avoided them.

Yet there is no rule that the email should be short. As far as I know, a lot of research has not been done to validate the ideal length in either mode or the other.

I did a little informal check in my own archives and found surprising results. Over the past month, they found that the length of the emails fell in the following ranges:

16% —– 300 words

43% —– 301 to 1000 words

25% – – 1001 – 2000 words

11% —– 2001 – 4000 words

05% —– More than 4000 words

Very surprised by the upper and lower regions. I thought the largest percentage of emails was less than 300 words. You can see that this was not the case.

And I was amazed to see how many letters were a monster! As a group, sales of financial information products and services were the largest. These people send full sales letters as we received in street mail with trend graphics, candle holders and everyone else.

Newsletters were mostly in the 1001 article, but they often ran in more than 2000 titles. E-courses also floated in this

Even less than 300 short emails do not reflect the length of all messages. Many encouraged the reader to move to one or more links on the landing page's website. And these landing pages were often sales letters of several thousand words.

Although there were still plain text-based emails, there was a lack of elaborate graphics as well. Nowadays, many people resemble websites, especially newsletters.

The point I took from practice is simple. Nowadays, there are no practical limits to the length or graphical content of emails. Get to the point where technology supports the things you need to transfer the message.

And as Martha says, that's a good thing. We can do the best job without the need for communication without worrying about messaging the message to a certain predetermined length or format.

All we have to do is just have to make sure what we write is worth reading. .

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