Marketing tests have proven that a person has more than 7 relationships to your product or service before they are ready to buy. This takes time to build trust and influence the buying decision.

This means that the first time most visitors to your site do not buy anything. Browse around and see our offers, hopefully save the link to your site somewhere and click on the other part of the web.

How to contact them again by updating their memory for your product?

The answer is simple – e-mail marketing.

If a person visits your site, you must invite them to join their mailing list with a free report or other similar charity. Then, you'll slowly build up with your subscribers by sending quality emails through your emails. You mention your product on a nutshell and offer them their features.

This confidence building and re-launching of the product helps to make visitors pay-per-view clients.

The best solution is to re-enable the various, but related products to subscribers over time, and increase the value of their life cycle to the business.

However, there are some comments to make sure that this effective marketing method is used properly –

1. No spam. Period.

E-mail marketing can only be done with consent. This only means if the visitor allows them to send an email if you send them. E-mails need not be sent unless you have permission.

2nd Use interesting subject lines.

If your prospect has not read your email yet, you will never buy it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be creative with the subject line and to awaken the curiosity of the reader to force them to open the e-mail.

Just make sure you save what you say in the subject line in your email body to keep its credibility.

3rd No big claims.

Do not make false claims in your emails just to get the sale. Do not forget to sell these people for a long time. For this you have to maintain your credibility. So place your product, but in a believable way.

4th Do not sell, sell or sell.

You must keep the right balance between promoting your products and ensuring the value of subscribers. Constantly forcing them to buy anything in every email, is the fastest way to opt out of your mailing list.

As a general rule, each promotional letter must have at least 3-4 information leaflets.

5th Keep up to date

From the eye – out front. This is true, if not more, in the online world than in offline mode.

If you keep your list for too long, you can forget about yourself and lose the connection you'd have created. So keep up with what's happening on the market and your business, and do not forget to forget.

Now you have to start the action and set up a list for your business. This would be a solid anchor for the turbulent times that will eventually collide with every business.

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