People are always asking questions about when to send their email newsletters.

I advise that consistency is still more important than the day of the week or the day you send. Where most small entrepreneurs fail, launch an email campaign, send 2 or 3 and get busy. They will be dispersed at most during the year.

Before worrying about sending your email newsletter campaign, worry about frequency. It should be sent at least every 2 months, ideally every 3-4. If you send more often, exits go up, they will be sent less, the commitment goes down.

According to some surveys, e-mail newsletters sent on Saturday and Sunday reach the highest response rate. They also indicate that emails sent these days are much more commonly referred to as spam. A huge e-mail marketing that does not matter but you're huge. The list of e-mails is likely to be closer to 150 titles than 150,000. Leave the weekend for time-sensitive communication – contacts will appreciate spending time.

On weekdays, Tuesday and Wednesday, it seems he will win. The two-day delivery problem is that huge e-mail marketers are aware of this, and this results in more than 50% of all bulk mail being sent on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, you are not a massive email marketer. You tried to reach your newsletter by getting a good percentage of your list and trying to reach your newsletter to reach your full list. Different types of sender = different strategy to win

Solution, contact the sending days Monday through Friday. This will ensure that you reach your base at least occasionally for the ideal day.

There are some rules in the sun in time:

  • People are coming to a full email account in the morning.
  • People do not have time to end up with anything other than packaging at the end of the day.

Send message before 9:00 and before 15:00 – at this time, you will need to see the maximum exposure and the best chance at this time on the same day.

My advice is not to talk about the mission details – you will be concerned about the frequency, consistency, and email news content that people are happy to receive and respond.

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