A small guide to confusing the e-mail marketing terms you find on different websites, I hope this helps.

Automatic Response (AR)

is an e-mail service that is pre-written e-mails for anyone completing the opt-in form

Opt-in (Subscribe) (OI)

is what the subscriber does when he wants his information. It then fills in the opt-in form on your website. If you fill out this and click on the "Subscribe" button or anything you choose to call the button, you have been given permission to communicate with them by email or phone, depending on which one you are requesting. )

is the recommended setting for anyone who travels through the auto responder. When a site visitor fills in the opt-in form, they receive an email asking them to recognize that they actually want to receive the message and receive additional messages from you. If you choose the double option, the emails will be higher with their availability, so if you choose not to have dual opt-in.

Fold-the-Fold (ATF)

. on the computer screen (by e-mail) where you do not need to use the scroll button to display the rest. This is the primary property of e-mail messages, so be sure to write long e-mails that you need to be aware of before you scroll or lose interest before reaching your call for action. ] measures how many e-mails he has sent and how many have arrived in an INBOX

Hard Tackle (HB)

when an e-mail has not reached the e-mail because someone wrote wrong e-mail or fake

Soft Bounce (SB)

is a technical issue, such as a full e-mail account or an unavailable server

Subject Line (SL) [19659003] is what entices the subscriber to open his e-mails.

Open%% (OR)

is the number of emails sent in the email marketing campaign divided by the total number of open emails.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

is the number of unique clicks on the link in the email divided by the number of people who open the email.

The success of the conversion rate (CR)

which was successful in his email campaign. If you refer to a partner's sales page, it calculates how many emails you have sent and how many sales have been made from this email. pictures, background colors, custom fonts, etc.

HTML emails can use a high clickthrough rate if they are used.

Simple text e-mail

because not all browsers allow HTML e-mails, so you need to write so-called simple text that does not allow images or text to be formatted.

E-mail Signature (ES)

The best practice is to sign your signature at the end of every e-mail. You can add social media accounts, a link to your company, services, product, or website by signing. This is a great marketing opportunity that is often overlooked

Spam or junk

when you did not allow e-mail reception, often does not include a unsubscribe link, so it is very difficult to stop emails. However, email providers can now send permission-based emails to the spam / junk folder because they contain words that the email provider sees as spam. So if you chose something but you can't find it in your inbox, I suggest you check the spam / junk folder.


If you no longer receive email and want to stop communication from the sender, always have an unsubscribe link / button at the bottom of each email. Sometimes it can be hard to find, but it's there!

I hope this will clarify any misunderstandings.

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