E-mail is very similar to a mirror that reflects the personality and character of the sender. People give you an impression of who you are, in fact, by expressing yourself – whether in speech or in writing. But most of the time – because of negligence and bad e-mail etiquette – writers mistakenly judge a single mistake.

In the field of e-mail technology, pioneers have been informally gathering effective methodologies through experience and observation to demonstrate good results. Although the list is constantly changing due to the constant change in technology, these methods are popular today as an e-mail etiquette. These guidelines have helped us greatly improve the quality of our email and reputation. E-mail etiquette is a brand of netiquette – rules that govern proper behavior and behavior on the internet.

One of the most common examples of e-mail etiquette is the formatting of emails. As e-mail is the starting point for this topic, it is now a common practice to include the expected deadline in the subject line. Set the wait between you and the recipient during the desired response time

When formatting an email, it is recommended to use the CC field for people outside the main recipients who need to obtain the information in the email. 19659002] E-mail etiquette requires that you have to think in a friendly and professional voice. Always be careful of your voice when you are angry and nervous. It is also important to note that sensitive issues such as e-mail reprimands are not recommended. Rather, a personal call would be appropriate for this situation. Using the negative words in the e-mail can really make a bigger sound than say. Therefore, be fully sensitive with negative words in the email. However, positive words always belong to the email etiquette.

For email content, it is recommended to limit the subject to an email. Multiple topics can be long and distracting. Try not to put a topic on a subject. Be simple and stick to the main point. But if long e-mails are inevitable, try carefully sorting topics and using bullets to highlight your priorities. Finally, before clicking on "Submit", download a junk e-mail filter for a while to ensure that your email is properly sent. There are many spam tools today that you can use for free. E-mail etiquette is easy and easy to learn. The question is, is he willing to learn?

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