Believe it or not! Network marketing or multi-level marketing remains here. It will never disappear because it is the business of the next century. However, many MLM companies have scams. In Malaysia, when the direct sales law was implemented in 1997, more than 50% of Malaysian MLM companies did not comply with the law. Generally speaking, the action contains some important guidelines for the consumer.

[YoumustprovidethemanufactureroftheproductsandservicesoftheMLM . There is a company that promotes itself as a networking company but without any product or service.

One of the most important ways is that you are supposed to be stupid for an initial investment, maybe $ 50. So you get the upside money from you. Then you'll find the downlink to do the same. This is simply a pyramid scheme that crashes at any time.

So a good company must have its own products or services, whether it be healthcare products or educational services.

. The ultimate goal of network marketing is passive or residual revenue. If a product or service is a one-time sale and has no recurring sales value, such as Gold Coin, a non-perishable product, how will the residual income return? Do you buy gold every month? So, if you do not buy gold medals every month, do you think the tops get a commission right now? I do not think so.

Therefore, they provide products or services that promote more perishable products such as health, vitamins, or possibly weight loss products. I buy vitamin pills and buy it once or provide services like mentoring programs, club memberships, or even insurance. For example, every month when I pay for successful mentoring fees, gym membership fees, and insurance premiums, I get my uplines commission.

As a member of these products and services, when I promote products and services to friends, I make choices. And when I promote them, I build my temporary import. One day when the numbers grew big enough, I know I'm retired. Compensation plan is transparent, easy to understand and fixed

For a person who gets the most out of the company, his compensation plan must be easy to understand and transparent. In a transparent sense, it must be clearly explained how the entire compensation plan works, on and off, conditions and fine prints.

It is often the case that new immigrants benefit from transitions. Suppose you have to reach a certain level at your company and you are entitled to profit sharing, but in the compensation plan, fine prints are worth pursuing certain goals in order to gain profits and do not know what has led to profits to change how tragic it is?

The compensation plan will also be recorded and will not change very often. If a company's compensation program changes too often, it indicates that the company is not well-grounded and crashes at any time because it still adjusts its compensation plan to benefit.

[4] [19459005[4] [19459007 Some may say "you must get the company's 0001 members to maximize the company's profits" but you have No.0001, then all your family and friends and suddenly the company collapsed, you are the one who has to answer your friends and family.

In fact, there is always a company that is old enough overseas but new in your area or country. These are the good choices. It has been operating for several years, still standing and studying; there is a support system for saving new members, why not?

In summary, the above are some of the key factors that need to be considered before deciding to join any network marketing, either a regular MLM company or online home business, online MLM opportunity.

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