Do you make full use of your collected contacts? I'll show you a simple way to keep your list and build a personalized connection for all business cardholders through a simple email …

"If you do not connect to a network, it will not work." This is statement is true for all of us, especially those looking for business opportunities.

Typically, at the end of the network session, you've added a range of business cards to a huge collection of up to 100,500, up to 2000 cards. You seem to feel the results here as if you were collecting a limited edition Superman comic book. At the same time let me ask you:

* Do you remember when, when and where did you get the contacts? What if we eat only 5%?

* What are you doing with the contacts?

* How many of them are still in contact?

* How many people changed their contact information?

From these four simple questions, you can find out how valuable these contacts are for you and how much value is given to those business card owners. It is not about how many business cards there are but how many cardholders have built a quality relationship.

Although a business card is just a piece of paper with personal data and contact information on it. However, this is more than that. The person who gave you the business card can be your potential client, your friend, your mentor, even who gives you the options or vice versa. It may not happen right away, depending on what you are doing, but these people may be useful to you in the near future. That is, they are still remembering each other and being able to stay in touch, no matter what changes have been made to the contact information.

Instead of contacting only a few business cardholders, what would one say once to each one within a week? Or at least once a month?

Of course, it would be a difficult task to call them individually. But it is possible and much easier to contact them personally via e-mail and most of all with the name. How good would that be?

Instead of sending an email:

Subject: Some words since the last chat …

Contents: you are …

Would not it be good if I sent this?

Subject: Here's a while since we've been chatting …

Contents: Hi Tom, 19659002] View your name illegally with recipients deleting the email to watch. Additionally, you can contact them with the personal touch of your email, as if you were communicating with them, rather than mass mailing the emails.

Not only is it possible to create a list of emails in advance and submit it automatically. For example, you can create a message that automatically sends the details of updates to each person in the database every month. And just have to write the email once.

Of course, you can not do this by using standard email clients / services. However, this can be done with the Sequential Autoresponder. This can be a program that you install on your web server, or a web service that you can subscribe to.

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