There are some networks that are not related to having to know when to turn off and when to turn it on. When can you just go back and relax and do not have to spin anything? Well, the whole point of the network connecting the results is that you do not have to do anything. I'm very interested and excited and want to share your passion. But get acquainted with your partners. & # 39; answer. RETURN? Does your eyes start to paint? Or worse, though, looking at his shoulder to see who came in? In this case, close it quickly. If you think you want to hit another time, you can ask, but you'll have time to stay.

Networking is about building the network with good people. Good people are the resources you resonate and who you can help. Intentional networking can simply be a waste of time. If you are interested in connecting to good people, look for a network where people of similar interest will gather. But you have no clear goal to minimize your outcomes.

And another network is no-no, it's not bothering you to ask anything about them or your work on the other person or buy them for this event. I can not tell what the conversation is. How rude. How can you expect anywhere to talk all the air hours in a conversation and then descend without allowing the exchange to be used.

And you can always paste it – "Let me have a minute and tell you what my interests are." Networking is about meeting people's needs, and sometimes we have to shape the right attitude.

Knowledge of how and when to appear on a network event, and your authentic self is a professional skill that most of us need to develop. It's a good idea to practice it before, at the show and at your presence. In order to get the most out of your network activity, regardless of whether you need work or sales prospects, you need to be there to greet the meeting and others. Remember,

  • set your intent (or two, but no more)
  • honest and focused
  • exercises before your lectures
  • and remember the other person.

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