There is an attitude that many people have when deciding to earn money on the internet. These individuals insist on using only free methods. Not willing to spend a penny on anything other than computer and internet access. They run into a brick wall when attempting to email marketing without a paid email marketing solution.

This solution is called automatic responder. This is a software service that you can subscribe for about $ 20 a month. It is very ridiculous to think that people want to start their own business, but they do not want to spend that little amount of money, but they dream of being successful.

If the answer is the solution, what is the problem? First, you need to make sure that compiling a list of leads that you can contact by email is the most popular way to earn money. So it has been almost since the release of the Internet and it does not show signs of change.

To make e-mail marketing practical, you need to automate. You need to let people volunteer to send them by email. Put them in your list and send a confirmation email asking them to check if they really were registered with your emails.

You will then need to send each member of your list in the order of the newsletter you wrote to you and the days elapsed between the emails you feel is best for them. The list should be built as fast and as large as possible. It would be a nightmare if you tried to manually keep all the records and personally send the emails.

If it's enough to make a huge list, we can never have enough time to do it yourself and hire staff for that purpose. Of course, if you have an automatic answer, your problem has been solved. There are other problems that have been resolved.

Spam, as you know, is an unwanted commercial e-mail. There is normal spam, like spam in your home mailbox, trying to buy things. Terrible spam is for things like pornography and drugs. There are spam, which fraud is designed to withstand your life savings. They are all common and illegal.

If you want to take an e-mail marketing without answering it, then you will not be able to defend yourself against fake spam complaints. This happens when people subscribe to their e-mails and when they disconnect, they sign in as spammer instead of telling them to remove them from the email list.

If you have an automated response and people are turning to spam, you can easily remind yourself that they are authorized to send emails to them. Auto-responding services require a dual optic process and allow subscribers to create a link for each e-mail. The automated e-mail marketing solution keeps your business going and is accused of being accused. This is the biggest deal in the world.

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