Diane is a middle-sized insurance company in Kitchener Ontario. He does a very good job. Each three-year benchmark report exceeded expectations. The quality of his work has never been a question, nor is his presence, accuracy or attitude.

About three weeks ago, they rented a new operational driver. Very shortly thereafter, a note was sent to all the staff who announced the checks and structural changes that would help reduce the costs and timing the financial storm. Some wonder if that was a warning to layoffs. Diane was not worried.

On Friday, Diane used to work. At 10:30, his director asked him to meet him in the conference room. At 11:00, Diane entered the conference room to see her boss, Operations' new VP. and HR Manager. SIP.

Diane sat down and the Operations Director told them that as part of the audit they discovered that Diane was sending and receiving personal e-mails. This has violated network policy. As a result, the cause is immediately terminated. Diane's manager sadly regretted.

The HR manager touched the table, handed over his final salary, and 11:18 Diane sat in his car and then tears. What the hell happened? Was this lawful? here we look at whether it can be destroyed for violating a policy.

Labor law is an extension of contract law. You agree to work under certain rules with your employer and agree to pay for you. The amount of the payment and the rules are part of the contract. But what about the policies, are these rules?

Rules may be part of the rules and may be released for breach of the rules. However, just because the policy exists, it does not mean that it can be split up because of the fracture. To eradicate a policy, some things have to happen.

The first thing is that politics should be part of the labor contract. It must be part of the employment contract:

(a) Deleted
b) Published
c) Strongly united
d) No law

Definitely uniform.

It is very common for companies to say a policy that is not used for personal purposes. However, few companies have validated this. How long was the policy before it was implemented? Is there an appropriate procedure for finding an infringement?

If this is an insurance broker, if the VP wants to resurrect this policy, the right thing would be to inform everyone that this policy is starting. The generally accepted practice of using the network for personal use is no longer accepted.

They did not do this. For whatever reason, the vice president tried to use this policy as a "prison term" card. Fire for one reason and is not responsible for the unlawful termination. Well, that does not work that way. Based on the facts you see here, you can turn to a serious case for unlawful termination.

Some other things to look for in a policy:

(i) whether the consequences are clear
(ii) whether the policy is consistent with other aspects of the work
iii) disciplinary proceedings
iv) Does the policy try to circumvent certain laws, such as secrecy, discrimination, etc.

So if you're unlucky like Diane, do not make a scene. Just ask why it was terminated by what policy it was supposed to be. Be polite, but specific.

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Before you find yourself in this position, be sure to receive the company policies and read them. Understand how to apply the job. Understand how they are being implemented. The Most Important …


This means you know what the warning, the probation period and the termination process are. Learn the process of an illegal occurrence.

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