E-mail flirting is an excellent way for women to pick up. But if you do wrong, you look foolish. In this article, I will discuss two techniques that you can confidently attract women by emailing flirtatiously. More specifically, these topics are about trust and humor. At the end of this article, you need to equip your flirt with emails.

Here's the first thing you need to know – women love people who feel good. So how do women feel good about themselves? Well, they must be comfortable and safe before they feel comfortable. That is why trust is an attractive quality in a man.

Another way women are enjoying laughter and smiling. This is the side of humor.

When you flirt with email, you must be confident and humorous. Both want a balance. If you are too confident, you may think arrogant or worse, uncertain. If you're too funny, you think it's a clown or a goofball.

Would you like an example? Tell me you flirted with a woman for a while by email. He loves a lot – and in fact jokes you're perfect. You think about it, and you say something you're "worried." Or you can point out if you are a perfect Mr., why are you alone? Actually, he says he has to be a harem.

Here you can answer with confidence and humor: "Can you help me then? I need help with this harem idea you gave me

This is just an example of how you can trust and humor at the same time

How to use this information if you want to flirt with an email? Try this practice: get to know a friend and find five situations that are currently in trouble flirting email with women and then make confident statements about these situations after do this, go back and add humor to these confident statements. Then try these statements next time you flirt with your email.

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