When I mention the network, many of my clients relieve their faces, pull the conversation and fold arms and legs around. A networked word places a ring where you can find a fake smile, slightly veiled places and cold meals. It is not the most calling idea for a coach who wants to help other people and have a full life.

Reconfigure the idea of ​​your network

Networking does not have to be the case for you. Networking is what you do, so do something you want and something you look forward to. The first step to changing your attitude is to change your focus, what this is to me, how can I serve others. You are not the only person who feels uncomfortable in a network event, so try to start a conversation that looks awkward; at least there is a common thing!

Share Your Help With Others

You are a trainer and trained to listen more effectively than most people, so use this ability and listen to another person. Use your coaching skills to recognize the needs, challenges and desires of another person. Give value to this person helping them to recognize or uncover the truth they have not seen before. We encourage them to overcome their challenges and help them to show their way to the changes that will help them.

Success depends on who you know

Everyone is going to a network event who contacts someone who will help them succeed. Most people strive to put their agenda on another person and buy something. It must be different if you are looking for ways to help another person. Help someone connect with someone they know, in a way that can benefit both parties. If the relationship works well, both sides will be grateful and will be happy to assist you in the future.

Be Yourself

If you do not like fake people who are trying to sell or manipulate something, they will not be doing this to others at a network event, even if they are. People like people who are honest and true, and the truth is much easier. Relax and be a wonderful person when you're in a friendship. People are attracted to people who are relaxed and confident, so relax and have fun. Remember, you are there to meet with others, connect and serve. It does not sell what you do that you love with others.

You know, there is something you have to do with your thinking. Now there is a new way to think about networking that will serve you and help you enjoy the dread. Life and business are real and loving relationships with others. Networking does not have to be different and teach others the network as if it were a brilliant example.

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