first First and foremost you have to change your mind in the box. In-box "is a box or tray for storing incoming mail or computer folders assigned to incoming e-mails." We will define it again as "the temporary storage of inbound mails until we can process it". This box can not be permanently at home & # 39; for incoming mail (paper or e-mail). Medium step in an efficient e-mail (or paper) management system.

2nd Creating E-mail Folders. With email folders, your account can be held in zero. For the first time you sit down to process your email, specify the following "define the tags for the new folders: See the steps below

3. The often-missing integrated piece is in-box processing Decisions are the same as I mentioned on paper or e-mail in June in the Ezine: do it now, do it later, delegate it, drop it, file

  • Do it now – [19659005] When you decide to take care of less than 2 minutes or less, leave it until you're done in the full box.
  • Do it later –
  • When would you do this later? Do not forget, It is one of the options to create email folders for tasks such as Calling, Emailing, Researching, etc. And moving the right emails to your email account, Then, if you spend time on phone calls, To Call folders, and so on. You can work through.

  • Delegate-
  • Do you usually delegate to the same person? If so, create a folder with their name. If not, it's just a general "delegated" folder. After you have sent the email to the sender, move it to the appropriate delegated folder.

  • Drop it –
  • Be generous with the delete button. Most of the emails received never refer to more – experts say about 80%, and I believe in it because I see it all in life and what we are doing. If you can find the information elsewhere, delete it. If you include details you need, such as contact information, transfer information to the address book, or contact management system, and then delete it. If you have event data, you can move it directly to the calendar and then delete it. When the event arrives, I guarantee that you will be glad to know where to find the information you need. Many follow the thought school that says storage is inexpensive, so just download it, but it will take some time to invest in the front, which will be more efficient in the long run.

  • File it-
  • If you are afraid to delete something you may need to do it in a monthly folder (within a category, if needed, depending on how many emails). If you refer to the information, it copies the oldest monthly file to the most recent folder and regularly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Do not forget that in order to keep your organization organized, you need a method that makes it possible to use it no longer useful or necessary. This information becomes more difficult and it is much more difficult to find what is useful or necessary.

    4th Then you limit the number of emails that you have been up to date. Multitasking is all anger – the better we can do the better, right? BAD! If you do too many things at one time, it is difficult to be completely present and focus on a single task. Did you hear the saying, "Jack of all commerce, out of nowhere?" Checking emails at daily scheduled times will be more effective. And turn off the e-mail notification – how confusing!

    5th Use your filters – Many email programs have rules or filters that allow you to automatically move messages to a selected folder. I would suggest that you develop rules for dealing with Ezines, newsletters and other subscription or reading materials. So you know where to go when you have time to read them.

    6th Finally, you can schedule uninterrupted time for processing daily (multiple times a day, if needed). If you have time schedules to process the processing box, you feel better off not to deal with each when they log in. This will help to make it more effective.

    Controlling email continuously can be very difficult to get accustomed to. After you have done this many times, you will see the value every day.

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