Networking is an extremely powerful tool for freelance web designers to meet potential customers and people who can show potential customers. Networking takes place in many places, both formal and informal, and here are some ideas you can embark on.

Friends and Families

Make sure friends know the freelance web designer. Although actual work with friends and family may be insecure (they always want a discount, what if they do not pay?), There may be some friends who have business and need a website. Do not be afraid to talk about what you are doing and always ask for referrals.

Associations and Clubs

join the local Chamber of Commerce or the Rotary Club, but they are old in school but are actively involved in their functions. community leaders know who you are and what you are doing: freelance web design. Go for lunch and seminar, show yourself, miss cards, and make sure you get cards from others. Always listen to more than talk, and always send instant follow-up emails to remind people you've met. Something simple always works: "Hi Jan, it was good to meet you at the last night's event, I wanted to have lunch sometime so that I can hear more about your business. Always add the URL of your portfolio with signing email, phone number and Twitter manager.


The American Institute of Economic Art and the American Advertising Association contain both local chapters where industry types meet, and, if you want to reach larger agency clients, join these groups and take part in the events. art designers, and show yourself for lunch … Getting acquainted with design leaders is key to getting your feet in the door as a web design freelancer for advertising agencies and designers

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