Networks to do and not

I always enjoy conversation on network events. I arrive an hour early to set up everything in my lecture, then stand in the back of the room and look at the people.

Here's the ability to rub their professions and their heads with other professionals, and yet the most common thing has happened … a hesitation at entry, a "look" for anyone who is recognized and a blink of an eye and putting a napkin on the back of the chair to provide a "safe place". What a bad investment!

Networking is designed to provide EXPAND and EXCELLERATE opportunities for others. It is clear that the source of knowledge by linking others with those that can help can have a much better position than the "seller" who hides things.

The business has drastically changed. At a meeting this woman had 4 different business cards and had to decide which one to give me. At this meeting a man came up, faced with a brochure with my face and quickly told me all the features of the business. She was looking for a plug I could pull to stop recording. So in their respects … I wrote this verse …

A non-productive network builder

I'm not a productive network builder

I have a card in wazoo

No one wants to talk to me

Or ask me what I'm doing

I can not understand

I do not know what the problem is

There are many color cards

To this and for this and for that

I sell insurances and fruit juices

Vitamin abundant

pages have been set up

And I Sell Candles to the Store

I teach yoga in my free time

And help smokers who want to go

Weekend brides

And I still clean it … sh ….. oot

I work hard all day and not

And I'm also committed

I want this to be a real success

For Me and You

So, no one will help me

And tell me what to do

I can not get advice

Listen to you

Let me give you some quick questions and do not get yourself ready when you connect.

DO – Think about the meeting. Who's there? How can the resource be for the particular audience? One card is ready to release and only that card.

NE – Take out any business cards you represent. It just looks scattered and is not concentrated or serious about it.

DO – Ask more questions about what the other person is looking for and why they came to this special meeting

NE – a product or service. No one will get the check book and settle and pay tonight. Be patient and realize that people are in contact with people who love and know – so concentrate on getting to know the person and the product they represent.

DO – Tracking! She was astonished how many people had assembled their cards and made rubbery around them, and that was it. Do you remember who saw it when? Did you call, write, or send an email to maintain contact with these people?

I think if you breathe in, you'll bring a present to the party of the living. When I walk in a room, I can not wait to disassemble these gifts to find communities and then do business. Try it – Make your networking exciting and FUN!

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