Are genuine e-mail marketing tips timeless?

You're in the right place for these tips, and what I would like to offer is a human understanding of e-mail marketing and psychology's psychology. Once we understand ourselves, we understand how our list responds to certain types of messages.

One of the most important principles to understand is that the size of the white space available is not the bold or highlighted text that matters, and of course this is not the font or font size that is really important. Understand, yes, these are important things in your email message, but what's really timeless, deeper.

What counts in your email really understands your prospects and yourself at a psychological level that reaches your main desires. Listen, understand that people are struggling with problems that they desperately want to solve in their lives and simply do not understand or where to go first.

You're the catalyst, the spark, the ignition to solve the problems because the fact that if you do not solve the problems and give value on a daily basis, the competition will surely and succeed in involving people in the business.

Here is a simple model that will follow immediate fans and friendships in your business.

Think of this, like this analogy now: There is a person who is just wounded and goes to the doctor to heal. In the doctor's office, the nurse moves forward and pours alcohol on a cotton pad and penetrates into the wound, and now the client is excited. Shortly afterwards, the nurse gives the patient bad help in healing the wound.

Wound is like a customer's problem and alcohol consumption because of the problem. So in our messages, we are dealing with a problem that we can face and empathize, because we are more responsive to emotion than logic. So shortly thereafter in our message we have to find a solution to the shaky wound that is our direction, system or product.

It's really so simple, and yet so deeper that every other course is teaching now. The lesson here is timeless, because we value value to our customers, which continues for centuries in business.

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