Here is my personal list of the following things in the networking team:

(1) Call your business card. Sound simple? I regularly meet people who forgot their cards or their cards were on the printers. Keep abundant supply in your car, briefcase and pocket; you never know when you meet people who are important to your business.

(2) She is on hold. While participating in a network meeting, it is unrealistic to expect to remember each individual's name and the business they represent. If the nametag says what you are doing, he will meet you and remember later, much easier. Nametag also can stimulate conversation about the business.

(3) Door fees. Many network groups have the ability to win a door. This kind of promotion is twofold. First; your product or service will be strangely mentioned and listening to many listeners. Second; the winner will experience your product or service and tell others in the network group. Note: Door fees are not necessarily expensive. Regardless of the price, your business will still be recognized as having more and more exposure.

(4) Set the target. After the guest speaker has time for the network with others. You might want to reach a network with a certain number of people at each meeting. As everyone presents himself, consider who you want to talk to, so you can tell them about your business and ask them. Do not forget, two-way conversation.

5 Respecting Others. If there is someone you want to talk to and talk about, please respect your time with the other person and do not bother them. Get up to where you can see it. Interruptions may interrupt your relationship with you and between them and the person you speak.

(6) Have fun and enthusiasm for your business.

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