We've all seen a lot of spam emails that make no sense. They contain pure gibberish in the subject and body of the message, they often have no connection, there is no sales level, and they seem completely useless. So why are sending blasting spammers?

There's more to it than you'd think. On the surface, it just looks like trying to tickle it, but under the hood it's more cynical.

The main reason Spammers are trying to ban millions of gibberish messages to confuse anti-spam filters. Spam filters using a statistical analysis or a bayesian anti-spam filter tend to be deceived as "good" messages and therefore adjust their thresholds to allow such messages to be handed over. This threshold or scoring method is that using many spam filters, such as SpamAssassin, determines whether the message is spam or not. It's also known as uploading stats and is simply a spammer itself.

Another method that we will see is very similar, but the message actually includes the sales level to sell drugs, wash the file, or even contain a virus or worm. Many times, the subject contains whimsical words or the title of a recent news item, and there is a block of text inside the message that is completely independent of the sales level. Text block attached to a message sometimes is a block of text in a blog or web site, and sometimes only random words are filled. Again, these are the methods

designed to confuse spam filters.

Spammers are increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. You probably hear these things 100 times, but it's worth repeating … to protect incoming mail and your computer

runs a good anti-spam filter on your mail server and / or personal computer. Also, do not open a message that looks like your eyes, do not use the Preview pane in Outlook or other e-mail clients, and do not open any attachments or clicks in your email unless you're sure, that their origin was derived


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