Then a mighty and powerful wind smashed the mountains and broke the cliffs before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. The wind was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earth came to fire. But the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. When Elijah heard it, he overlaid his cloak on his face and went out and stood in the mouth of the cave. Then a voice said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?"

Elijah knew deeply that the gentle whisper came from God, and now there was the voice in the mouth of the cave, which confirmed it. God himself, the creator, asked Eli what he was doing. Not that God did not know what Elijah did, but the voice called him to draw attention to Elijah to stop him in his tracks and ask exactly what he expected from God. Elijah did not get his expectations. He waited for great and great things from God, but only a whisper, gentle voice from above. It's a whisper and a voice that transformed Elijah and the same whisper and sound that transforms you.

The purpose of this is to show you first that you hear this whisper and this sound, and secondly, you encourage people to talk to God and you are in a position to call back.

Before we begin to travel, you must first know that God is still clearly talking to people. See if God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow when we read that God talks with many Bible figures like Moses, Adam, Joseph and Elijah many many years ago, then it is not surprising that he knows that he will continue to talk to people today. God does not change. What he did for others he can do for you.

Did not you know that God is still talking to people like humans? Did you doubt that God could talk to you? Perhaps no one has shown you how to listen to God's small voice or you may not take the time to slow your life to a place where you can stop and listen to God's small voice.

Maybe God is talking. Perhaps it happens that he speaks, and he does not hear him simply because he is tuned to him, as though a radio could dial from the channel he was broadcasting. Sometimes you start to listen, you just have to go back to the right channel.

You may wonder why you do not see evidence of God's presence in this world you expect? I suggest that, despite the fact that I started to see your hand in your life, you just have to look for the earthquake and the fire. You like Elijah originally looking for the wrong place.

I'll tell you what to do to stop for a while in your pride. Stop what you are doing, talk to God and wait for an answer. The answer may be immediate or may take time, but if you expect God to answer you, God will come to you and talk to you when you least count.

William is a very real man, a pastor living outside Boston. He bought a book, and for a minute he did not stop thinking that God could be interested in something as small and secular as he was buying a book. But God was interested, he was very interested, and God made him live in Columbus Ohio to send William an email. I wrote it to him:

William, did you buy a book yesterday? The Lord speaks to me and a book. Blessing

We note that William and I are nearly 800 miles away, and although we are friends, we are not regularly emailing each other on a regular basis. The point I want to emphasize is that I really did not know what was going on in William's life that day. That is, until God comes in and says what is happening in William's life. William replied:

Yesterday I bought 4 books. Three are needed for my classroom.

William really bought a book. Not only that, but it was done at the exact time. If there was no God, how would I know about the purchase, whether it was a book, or even when the purchase was made? William was a pastor and God whispered to him.

William was so impressed that he had mentioned the incident about the congregation's congregation. The seemingly small subject of the book's purchase suddenly came to God's holy things.

Your life is created with the same sacred things as God. Maybe you do not even know about it? Did you doubt that God is interested in your life? First let God know that God is pleased with you and your life. She is actually aware of and worried about what she is going through and she is happy when she approaches her.

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