Hotmail is one of the services that was launched when the tendency of email services accelerated. The original service was founded in 1996 by two co-founders, but it was acquired by Microsoft's leading manufacturer within one year. The offer of this service was enormous, as it was only a year before the launch of the company, but Microsoft was potentially an opportunity to do so. It has continued to add some of its own services, and as a result, Hotmail is now one of the leading email services in the world and has over 350 million user base.

Hotmail email service today offers a number of features that simply capture your experience. Take a look at a few:

Active View: Hotmail is an active feature, the active view saves the difference between the different windows as it finds everything in the inbox – E-mail, videos and even slideshows.

Integrated Office Web Applications: Use these apps to view the MS Office document in a new browser window and, if you want, you can save them to Windows Live SkyDrive. Using SkyDrive, you can share up to 50 MB of documents with another Hotmail-specific feature that can reach up to 25 GB for other users to view or complete other tasks.

Talk Conversion Schedule: You can now check all emails that a conversation is only a single email address. Simply click on one and find all the previous correspondence in this conversation underneath it.

There are other features like Task Manager, Calendar, Messenger and many more that capture you for the service.

Hotmail Support is an important feature that Hotmail emphasizes a lot. Although Hot Help Services are not available for free users, Hotmail Help and Support Modules are already on the Hotmail website, which are self-help articles and almost all common problems you may experience. If you have a problem that you feel is not listed or if you have something you can not understand, you can also send a Hotmail email.

If you want to stay in your account and still receive instant Hotmail support services, you can also contact other technical support companies that work independently of the official Hotmail support. These companies provide a similar level of support than Hotmail, but they pay a fee for their services. This fee is fairly affordable and often spends less than a paid Hotmail account.

You can observe a couple of these over the internet, compare them to determine the cheapest and most preferred choice.

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