When it first came out in 1996, Hotmail stunned the world with its free webmail service, the first to welcome the online stage. Before the webmail system there was a hassle, and there was a price tag for it. At that time it was not possible, no matter where a person was, able to communicate practically to anyone and be sure that his message would be delivered in seconds.

However, the fact that he was free was not really Hotmail's main shocker. Rather, the novel option was to read, create and send emails to anyone, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. As mentioned earlier, the pre-Hotmail webmail system was extremely confusing. You have to register a webmail company and download all emails to your computer. As hardware and software features were still improving during this time, these companies did not have enough space to store their e-mails. Therefore, they have been required to download e-mails if you want to view them. This is good in the sense of guaranteeing your privacy. However, it was very unpleasant, especially if you are traveling a lot because you can only see emails through your computer. You can not easily access e-mail messages wherever you go.

As technology advances, most ISPs create web pages that can be viewed at any time to check emails. So even if you are in another country and the only available computer is not what you registered with your webmail company, you still have access to your emails.

Hotmail has a search service for Hotmail email search. It is integrated into a kind of Hotmail social network. To help you understand how this works, you can be aware that Hotmail has its own membership directory, just like most email providers. This directory is a compilation of members. names, email address, and all the emails that they have with them. This directory makes it easier for MSN members to search. However, as mentioned above, all the information in the directory appears in a social network, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn.

Like these social networks, you need to sign in to your account and start looking for other members to see their profiles. In fact, it gives you the ability to upload images, start a blog, and create a "My Business" section. So you can see a lot more than a member's email address when you look at your profile.

Hotmail Email Finder also uses a unique feature, the Contact Card. Because of these business cards, the way in which an email account was searched was revolutionized. Just as e-mail is the virtual mail of the virtual world, it's a business card business card. The great thing is that you can do both traditional and reverse email searches. In addition, you will not only include the person's name and email address, but a business card will also display a message from the person you are looking for, the list of listening songs, and your blog entries. It's much easier to know that it's actually the person who tries to find it.

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