MSN Hotmail baptized in Windows Live mail is also known as Hotmail. Hotmail is run by Microsoft as a free web-based e-mail service, and one of them was the first of its kind when it was launched.

Hotmail has 5GB of storage that can be upgraded as needed. Integrating with security measures, Ajax technology, and Windows Live Messenger, with space calendar and contacts. Supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla FireFox. You can easily navigate through your pages via the keyboard without using the mouse. It is easy to search for messages and has smooth problem-free structured query syntax, such as "from: ebay", message filters, message folder structure.

Automatic updating of the address of the connection is a feature of the editing, and the grouping, importing and exporting of contacts is done as a CSV file. You can use features such as text formatting, rich text signatures, spam filtering and virus scanning, multiple addresses, and different languages. The latest feature is POP3 access to all Hotmail accounts. This made it easier to receive emails from other accounts in your Hotmail mailbox. This service applies to all services that have POP enabled. The messenger will help you send instant messages to any messenger.

After you sign up for Hotmail, you can select any Hotmail domain address. There are three choices: @hotmail, @ and @ It is available in 36 languages ​​and currently uses more than 280 million users worldwide.

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