Have you ever been on a network event and went to think, "Did I say 25 people about my business and no one seemed interested because she was too busy telling me about her own business?

Or could I call the person with whom I met at the event last night, but I do not know how to help me, I do not think I have a good time to travel with them. "

What if you could tell the person who was involved in a network event during the first 2 minutes of meeting. Imagine telling you exactly how they can help you get the next day you need to find them.

Why is it that in today's society people are openly expressing what another person needs?

We are conditioned to keep our lives and business challenges on ourselves, stand alone and treat our lives independently, statistics show that we all face similar challenges at different stages of our lives. Do we know why we are still so afraid of telling someone what we want or need of them?

In business, networking is an integral part of maintaining and building a successful business. Connecting with others and effectively communicating in business, meeting your quality of life, meeting your needs or solving a problem is key to attracting new customers and actively referring to the old ones for you.

you can do them, even let them know what they can do for you. Creating strong and reliable business relationships is donating and buying, and customers want to know that you are human. Give them a reason to help them and become part of your success.

How does this relate to networking?

At a network event, we encourage you to listen carefully to what the other person tells about your business, to "needs". Keep the Mind in Mind "This person came to this event because he needs something for business, be new clients, joint ventures, or simply inspiration and motivation to continue. How can I help them?"

that you or your service can help them, speak promptly and tell them. If you think someone knows who the person you are looking for, tell them right away. If you know that there are some contacts in the database that are perfect for them, tell them that you want to catch up tomorrow to pass them on. They will appreciate your reality and ability to perceive their needs. You and your fan club are going to get it, simply because you've helped. The lasting and beneficial relationship has begun!

You started networking today when you're in contact with someone who has a business case. You simply say, "I think we are able to create a joint venture or a cross-platform opportunity. Let's meet this week and see what we can do."

Good luck with your network!

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