Network events are sure to create a great contact point. Usually, we could start with a zero connection, but taking advantage of some good network events, we could start a little bit of momentum to be significant in a very short time. There are several networking mixers in a particular city. It never seems to be missing the exchange of business cards specifically aimed at linking professionals.

One such type is called Speed ​​Networking. The Speed ​​Networking event is similar to speed when sitting at multiple tables and meeting another businessman for a few minutes before switching to the next. By the time the event ended, everyone was in contact with each other.

You can keep your own Speed ​​Networking event easy. Like everything else, it takes work, but I've listed five specific steps below;

first Decide how many participants you want. When you are organizing a Speed ​​Networking event, you want to find 15 to 50 participants anywhere. This means that you need stations / tables to accommodate half the total participants. Do not forget that each station has two people facing each other.

2nd Choose a place, such as a restaurant or hotel conference room. Like any other professional event, you want the background to be a pleasant professional. You also want to choose a venue that can accommodate a noisy crowd without disturbing the other guests of the restaurant. Speed ​​Network Events can be noisy because people are constantly talking

3. Start your guests. The invitation should normally be started up to 14-20 days before the event. When you first start invitations, it seems slow because nobody answers. Just stick to the ad and you'll notice that the closer you get to your event, the more people will ask and register.

4th Buy a mini PA system. From experience, I know this is a valuable tool because since it's noisy and it's time for the participants to switch stations, you do not want to shout to start the process. Alternative to marking, as used in sports practice. I still recommend the mini PA system because it's easier to talk in a big room without damaging your voices.

5th Host your event. This may be an annoying situation for the first time. Just make sure you are prepared properly. Here are some more tips for this event.

A. Make sure you have a login page to record your guest contact information.

B. Place a blank letter of paper on each station to allow its guests to make notes while chatting

C. Make sure everybody at the event understands what's going on here. When you first start, you need to give a brief explanation of what will happen and how it works. Also, when you arrive late, make sure you explain to them how it works.

Finally, what's over, be sure to contact the participants and ask them to evaluate the event. This gives you a fair statement of how well you are. You will also get the comments and suggestions.

Want to learn more about business networks? Now I'm completing a new guide to professional network success:

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