Are you mistaken for not answering your voicemail and what impact do you have on cold calls?

You may increase your chances of receiving a recall by integrating emails with your voicemail. Here is a simple, easy-to-use three-step combination that can be applied and applied virtually in any industry. It combines polite persistence with humorous humor to force the view.

first Step 10: Voicemail and Email Combination for 10 Minutes

If you have tried to access more live, the first step in this process is to leave the simple voicemail message in the following template. The key to the message is asking for 10 minutes of conversation: [Hey Dan, Mike Wray hívja a logisztikai rakományokat] and we are working with freight forwarders disappointed with late and delayed shipments and looking at reducing shipping issues, please call ____. In the meantime, you can send me a short email.

Re: Dan, ask for 10 minutes from your time

The subject line includes the look and feel of the " request "for 10 minutes This not only echoes the voicemail message, but a certain degree of curiosity, especially if the lookout has not yet heard of voicemail, ie: What request? Did you freeze something?

Your e-mail body it must contain the elements of my voicemail:

"Dan, as I mentioned in my voicemail, we work with freight carriers who are disappointed with the inconvenience of delaying shipments. 19659002] Can we chat for about 10 minutes to better understand your situation and needs and see how much easier you can do your job?

My number _______ or simply answer a time and date. "

There are a number of teasing copies in the email." Both "pain-motivating" (frustrated and problem-free) and "motivational gain" (a much easier cry) without getting into it. 19659002] Step 2: Voice Mail E-Mail Combo

for 8 minutes of your watch The most important thing for persistence is to make this process work Wait three days for your answer before leaving the second voicemail / e-mail combination Three days politely gives the prospect of responding and helps to avoid "stalking syndrome", which usually occurs when he is tracking too soon.

"Hi Dan, Mike Wray calls logistic shipping agents, Dan, I follow the e-mail when I set up a telephone appointment to review freight needs – busy – sometimes with a later delivery. Fearing it about 8 minutes from your time?

I'm sending you a quick e-mail with more information, my song … "

It's vital that your voice is easy and straightforward.

Email tracking continues the topic on the topic:

"Re: How do I get a message from a friend?"

"Re: Dan, what's up for 8 minutes with her time? "

As you can see, reduced time demands are emphasized again – this is intentional – this makes the message unique and catches the eye – there is also a player ring attached to it. :

"Dan, I know how busy things are busy, I deal with managers every day … so I'll only ask for 8 minutes

At that time, we could sometimes explore some of the ways simplifying the tracking and transportation of freight.

Is sound sensible?

In the meantime, my number _____ or I can simply answer this message. "

Step 3: Your clock has a 5 minute voicemail / voice message, which is a very short and talkative voice." Sound is reasonable? "Is a defective sentence, but it says it's a cuff and not a big deal, E-mail Combination

The last step of the strategy is to wait 3 more business days and give you the option to respond. If this does not happen, the third voicemail / e-mail combination must follow the same pattern as the first two messages

"Hi Dan, Mike Wray Called for Logistics Suppliers." 19659002 Okay, it sounds like super busy, so here's my last shot. And I promise this is will be the best 5 minutes you spend this month … My number … "

We have three things here. First, your steadfastness. It has been selected for two consecutive five days of work. Up to now, your prospects realize that you are lasting.

Secondly, you are creating a constant interest – and perhaps even entertaining – to cover up the time you need.

Third, the honest promise of chatting is "the best 5 minutes you spend this month." She was convicted, it is a bold and confident statement. Let the brochure hear.

The subject of the tracked email is:

"Re: Okay Dan, here's my last shot: only 5 minutes from her time?"

If your brochure reads nothing, read my subject line and remember it. But in the thread of the subject, it says more gracefully that he will not go beyond this message. This can help you gain some good intentions and sometimes encourage you to respond.

The body of the message does not have to be elaborated but needs to maintain the ease of the earlier messages.

"Dan, here is the last kick in the box: 5 minutes from his time

No more.


But kidding for just 5 minutes in your time is a great chance to help reduce or eliminate the difficulties and headaches of delayed shipments

With a simple procedure, we'll check and validate your hand and put it in our hands, and it gives you time to work on other important things

in 5 minutes

________, or simply reply to this email, otherwise I'll call you next quarter

Comment on the layout of the message, short sentences, many white areas Simply read and understand, your emails look at how fast a five-minute look It's worth remembering, that there is a reference to the solution offered to you, this is not a level but a comprehensive overview. incs reply, it will call you in the next quarter. In fact, you say this is the last chance you need to react.


This process works. Paid & # 39; IT specialist Brian Borrows, who explains that he has a 30% response rate. This is not surprising. The process combines endurance and creativity. Light, fun and gentle. It creates one or two punches with the power of voice messages, the power of the visual message. Since this is a process, you can reuse it every time you change the name. It saves time and energy.

Take the time to adjust this process to your position. To do this a little thought and effort is needed but the return can be significant

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