Email is a great marketing tool for every business. It is especially important for you to sell mobile apps as customers know the use of emails when they hope to sell them to the app. So there are basically three ways to get emails to contact potential customers. Now, email marketing is a topic that requires a lot of comments to cover it completely. However, in this post, I can only tell you how much an email can be tailored to a particular business and to give each such success rate

. General e-mail for many potential customers

2. E-mails tailored to each business

3. Due to the two common combinations

general e-mails are placed in every marketing campaign because of the mere number that can be accessed within a given period of time. However, these are usually spam because of their lowest response rate. If you are well aware of making a marketing copy (but more on future posts), you can achieve a reasonable response rate, and because of the mere numbers that you can send in a short time, a reasonable amount of that comes from.

E-mails tailored to a particular business are similar to the Facebook messages mentioned in the previous message. They detail the prospects businesses and mention the recent visit that you (real or not) did to show, recognize, talk to and spend enough time in developing your email. If you are well-written, you are inclined to take the highest percentage of responses into account most of the time. I suggest saving this type of email for a great opportunity. It may not even show you the fact that you are selling mobile apps for the first package, but you simply try to compile or find a common place.

The third type of e-mail to send (this is the most commonly used type) is the combination of the two. This is a general shell where some points mention something about the deal and include the name of the store:

Hey Guys,

I like Combinne, I'm new to the city, but I've been here a couple of times and I'm really impressed.

I work for a mobile app development company and I think a mobile app is an excellent way to connect her cafe.

If you're interested, let me know and we can schedule a talk time or send more information.

Happy New Year,

Matt Aird

This mentions a bit of business and tries to build relationships, but does not take much time to change the name and business types of emails you've sent. Try all three approaches and see what works best for you. Remember to keep track of your response rates so that we can move to another campaign, we can do what worked well last year and miss what it did not. This will ensure that you respond as much as possible to your time spent in your email campaigns

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