Network management is one of the most commonly used and incorrectly used rumors. Many confuse "networking" with the mere act of linking people through social media on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. While these sites can be networked, effective networking is much more.

Napoleon Hill, the famous author of the last century's motto, says about networking: "You must give it before you get it." And Tom Hopkins, one of the most popular sellers of the author and all time, goes a step further: "When people use networking, they take advantage of the fundamental right – the law of reciprocity, something good for you, I will have to do something for me." This is the fact that effective network management is all about.

There are countless articles on "networking for job search", currently on the web. Regrettably, many of these people misunderstand readers about networking. If you're up to the attitude that you find someone who will help you get started, there is no critical component of effective networking. It would be a good mood: I have a lot of friends when I'm thinking: friends, colleagues, former colleagues, college friends, extended family members, ecclesiastical knowledge, ecclesiastical nurses, trade associations, softball teams etc.

I have a lot of relationships with them – with our children, their past schools, their workplaces, their athletic interests or their career. I wonder who can use my help or advice on buying the best smartphone, reading good books, selling products, or advices about the people they need to know to promote their careers. After you have been in constant dialogue, mutual trust and respect, you can and will only ask for help. Social networking sites can be great with the use of "media" to extend their reach to create or re-establish contacts from old friends to rethink relationships.

Guy Kawasaki, the art of Start and Entrepreneur, suggests two degrees of unbundling as much as you should go for someone or ask someone for their help in finding a job. Helping a friend of a trusted friend can not be a problem, but friend of your friend's friend offers it and can have negative consequences for your reputation.

Networking is not just something outside, but within your own company to enhance your career. The company is the person who can provide assistance to a project, advice or even "internal" doors for the sound system for you. You will master the openings of other departments and perhaps recommend it; hear your company's "true" status and long-term viability; find out about new projects; and you want to join an exciting new product team. Volunteer enterprise initiatives and projects that you can meet with people who can help you – but always keep in mind what you can do before I can help.

Two very important components of networking: "create and nourish the network before you need it" and always "thank the person who helped".

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