For many, the start of the new year means starting a new job search with the internet to help employers research. Those who are graduating with college graduates will be able to start using their internet resources to get their career. At the same time, many employers search Google, and potential employees on Google, and, and they are looking for the reasons why they do not hire them. says 26 percent of the lenders have admitted the use of the Internet to carry out background checks on job candidates. Another 12 percent admitted that social sites such as and use filtering tools.

For many college students, community sites, such as and, are the network profile used for networking. However, many students are surprised to find that their honest and sometimes sexually explicit photos, as well as their drinking and dating information live in their profiles, can negatively affect their job search. Discriminatory comments, risqué photos, inappropriate language and jokes on their profile can be considered as a potential employer.

HR Director says people need to consider their potential audiences thoroughly and the impression may be that they use images, personal opinions, and ideas published on the Internet. "We have put on a great candidate for a great candidate until we've put the site in the focus of attention, a great continuation, an elite school, and has had good references." His profile highlighted the use of recreational drugs that he immediately thought about hiring, "he says HR Director of Toronto Financial Services Company. "Our company is well aware of our customer relations and public opinion, and we can not risk that this candidate's background can be seen as a reflection of the organization."

A recent survey by Resume Solutions student teams has shown that more than 60% of respondents are aware that potential employers can view their profiles on social networks. This is surprising, despite the focus of increased media attention, employers have dealt with Myspace and Facebook before taking admission decisions.

Before starting a new job search, it is recommended that job seekers perform Google search on their behalf. the potential employer can read or view online. If you find any questionable content, this content does not feel good when your employer or parents look at you and then ask that your webmaster immediately remove it. Questionable content can be naked photos, libelous comments, or drunk images of the Cancun vacation. Keep in mind that you can withstand the removal of content, but you may know that you can influence your future job opportunities and have no choice but to seek redress. This information can not be removed at all because of lack of management, giving a rational reasonable response to the tenant.

We do not support social networking sites that can only be used for job searching or building a web portfolio for your resume and work skills, but it makes sense to remove negative content yourself as much as possible. You should be intelligent and discreet in online communication, and only private profiles for your family and friends.

There are many opportunities to create a "positive Internet profile" that does not affect your career prospects. College students can create personal web pages and profiles on social networks that include their CVs, hobbies and interests, details of leadership activities, or academic successes. You can include photos, but make sure they do not contain explicit material.

Job seekers can use online profiles to demonstrate their excellent communication skills and to create their professional behavior before a personal meeting, to demonstrate their creativity and a variety of interests – things that can separate them from other job seekers.

As more and more users are choosing the social networking site, the impact of workplaces on job search and screening of candidates can be extended to employers who are even deeper into the candidate's personal and professional life. Therefore, it is advisable to do anything online that could potentially jeopardize your future job opportunities and include things that will help you get rid of a new job. Use a common sense when creating an online profile. Keep in mind that online search employers are looking for reasons why they are not renting you for details that could jeopardize or endanger your business

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