There are services that offer "anonymous" email addresses. Such sites provide extremely high levels of data protection and security, allowing users to feel safe in mailing. How does it work? If you subscribe to one of these anonymous email accounts, you will receive a title generated from that site. When you send an e-mail, the recipient can not tell where it comes from. Returns to your site at most. Those who are the owner and operator of the website deny all account details. This is true with one exception: if the owner of an email account sends a threatening, harassing or otherwise illegal content to someone, that person can also go to the police. The call tells you who the owner is.

If someone sends you this title and can track your site, you can do a few things: one if you bully or threaten emails, save them, and hand them over to the police. You can also tell the site that a user sends an illegal mail. They may choose to erase the user from the service and cooperate with police investigations. If your emails are just annoying, you can block your email address so you can not receive it anymore.

If someone sends you an "anonymous" email from another email provider (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) to look for IP. This tells the region where the email came from. This can help narrow down those who send it. Again, if you're threatening, you can save the messages and hand them over to the police. They will be able to get more information about the owner of the Internet service provider, which is not available as an individual.

It may be more proactive and can provide a free reverse email search . This tells who is looking for the e-mail address. You have all the right information because that person has contacted you. As the caller identifies who is calling your home, reverse e-mail queries will help you determine who's coming into your inbox.

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