Email spam handling is like setting up home flies and picnic ants – it belongs to the area. And if you have a wide web presence, the spam will be in a clutter.

I get up to 100 e-mail spam a day and get used to them. The more visible on the web as search engines are picked up, the more spammer will find you and junk for both visible and unseen emails.

The punch of spammer is not easy. Very intelligent e-mail spam applications that send thousands of emails by randomly combining names to a single domain name.

For example:

marketing @

info @ domain name. com

customer @

Fortunately, there are some popular ways to handle inbound e-mail spam. Thus:

1) Graphic Email Links

Remove all visible hyperlink emails from all sites on your site and replace them with an email identifier (at) domain. com. This method assumes that visitors to your site will recognize that they need to remember and manually enter the email by replacing @.

By removing all of your email links on this site, it's very unlikely that spamrobots will find and recognize your email id.

Send email (if you remove the e-mail hyperlinks, so that the potential sender (s) you believe your email address is corrupt).

2) E-mail Form Security Scripts

Security Scripts Install Not All Web Forms. This type of system requires the user to enter a random code in any web form before reaching the submit button.

Advantage: Most spam is limited (not all, but most).

Disadvantage : This is a bit harder to fill someone in the web-based form. The less person you need to get in touch with you, the better.

3) Postini Email Filter

If you are a customer, you may be asked to activate the Postini Mail Filter. Get a Postini Filter for an email account for free. More Postini filters a monthly email of 1.00.

Advantage : Stop spam. (not all, but some).

Disadvantage : You must sign in to your account at Positini to collect the email that was cut off and identified as spam. In some cases I received one or two client emails as spam, which I did not want to miss. The system allows you to delete emails or send e-mails to your regular mailbox. The email filtering system or application is perfect.

(Postini is currently owned by Google)

4) AppRiver Spam Filtering

www. In this system, all e-mail traffic is redirected to the servers where the spam is identified.

Advantage: Most spam (not everything, but most) decreased. If someone goes through, he can let them know and make a block list. :

Disadvantage : If the client or customer email is blocked or filtered, you can determine if they are calling and asking if they receive their emails.

5) Third Party Email Providers

Some e-mail providers such as Earthlink, person or system will send you an e-mail to fill out the temporary form to confirm that You are the actual sender.

These systems contain indigenous pitfalls. An important email sent through an automated system is blocked by the user without knowing, for example, a receipt of a credit card or other confirmation confirmation email.

6) Do Not Do Anything

As a business owner with a large presence on the web, spam treatments are like homemade flies and picnic ants. Although I have chosen to use Postini, I still have to deal with spam. But I do not want to set any blocks or barriers between existing or potential customers.

: All emails are moved.


Disadvantage : All Spam is Moved

] I am thinking that if you want the world to overcome the door to the door, it is better to say the proverbial way clear and unequal. However, if you send 1000 spam emails a day, it would be best to consider options 1, 2 and 3.

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