Email has become an integral part of our lives. I think this is the most appropriate and effective media of digital communication. My first email address belonged to an account provided by my ISP 2000. I no longer have such a title, but I still remember pride to save. There was a free email service but many transactional websites did not accept the free email accounts. He also read free mail addresses.

Things have changed a lot in 2010. Most of us use internet e-mail accounts. It's just as good and sometimes better than many paid services. Restricting the mailbox location, which was previously the free webmail account curve, no longer exists. We have many good free e-mail providers to choose from. Registering for an e-mail account is very simple. I remember how chaos was Google's Gmail "just invite" email service. People are crazy about selling the invitations and they are crazy to buy them.

All in all, today we have free e-mail addresses that we want. Quality is no longer a problem with free email accounts. A free quality service to seize how many will go? Here is the catch, it is easy to buy a car, but it is difficult to maintain. The same is true for the e-mail address, but how much you can handle.

For most of us, 2-3 email addresses would suffice. There are 1 Hotmail, 1 Gmail and 2 Yahoo email accounts. Hotmail and Yahoo are for historical reasons. I think the new mix will be different.

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