Social networks boom. Blogs can be found everywhere. Online opportunities stun every day. What recession, do you say? No, it's time to create your own business on multiple social networks, it's just so simple.

Connects online and joins all social networks. You're making friends. You bring great relationships. You build thousands and thousands of networks. This is too good to be true. Everybody likes me! This year I will make money.

But then it happens: we have no time to respond personally at the request of every friend. It starts to ignore incoming mail. Do not leave as many comments as before. Then I scare the creep: do I lose my relationships? How can I maintain network growth? Will my company go? People do not like me?

So you decide let me use more technology to help me. Allow me to send autoresponse emails that do not deal with those who have received them. Allow me to re-enter the same answer again and again. Allow me to offer others' representatives. Let me make some effort to really try to get to know a person a bit.

This choice seems pretty simple for the first time, but I'm going to call you in the end fully automated and automated automation can only cause your business in the social network world. You become accustomed. And this contradicts why social networks emerged.

Why is it 100% automated in the social network? Here are my reasons:

1. You stop listening to people. When you start auto-answers, basically you say I do not care. You do not take the time to meet someone. It essentially ignores the individual and what these people represent.

2. You have lost focus. If you feel that all you do is going to social networks, it's probably a good sign of focusing on your main goal: to increase your business. Social networking is a way of handling people and the network, but not selling things. Many have said this, but it's worth repeating: if you personally talk to someone, you're just jumping on a sales pitch? Why would that be so different on the social network?

3. Rarely on technology and not on you. This is a very simple point: in order to succeed what you are doing, you need to connect with people. Technology will never replace that human relationship. In fact, I think 2009 will be the year when people prefer human relationships more than ever. Remember, the last time I checked the Internet was created by people. Technology alone will never shut down transactions or earn money. You are the one who does this.

Do not be fooled by me: when I introduce myself to new people, I use a pretty good greeting message. But I worked hard to make this specific introduction, and after doing this first, everything I write or give up on the network does not react 100%. If you do not agree with this, I thank you and wish you the best of luck. But I guarantee that at one point the same message will receive the same person over and over again, only damaging the reputation of that person.

So you have fun. Be a good friend to people. Do not hit others. Easy to fit. It works in the room, but it's a great time, and if you get autoresponse messages that do not look like you or what you do, delete it. Stop. I'm glad you did it.

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