There's nothing annoying like losing an email address. If you do not have a copy of your own email, you're looking for a lot of things on your own. There is still a huge online e-mail directory that is equivalent to the online version of Yellow Pages, so if you want to look for lost MSN e-mail online, it would be better to be creative. Here are some places to start searching.

If the person you're looking for uses MSN, you have a fairly good chance of chatting with Microsoft Live Messenger, usually as MSN Messenger. If you are using a Windows-based machine, you have to install the program on your computer, if not, you can download the Microsoft website in a matter of seconds. If you are online, you can search your users database to find the person you are looking for. Of course, you have to know a name or some other information. If not, then you have to continue.

If the lost email address is made on a piece of paper and you can still read some of it, you can try a search engine query for the part you want to view or the part you can remember. Most people who create a free e-mail account on a network like MSN can choose a word or phrase that they simply remember as an email address or simply use their name. Try searching for some combinations of their names and completing @

If you're looking for a much simpler way to find an MSN e-mail address [] try an online email search service online. MSN can be the largest and strongest in the world of communication but there is no easy-to-use email search system that millions of people are likely to use on a daily basis. Targeted reverse email searches can offer search services without worrying about searching the internet for results that you can not find.

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