E-mail is used for communication over the Internet, and although this is the preferred choice of communication today, many users have the pitfalls. One would be that if an email is lost, you will never know about it. The other is spam, and although it's annoying, it's often not threatening. However, there may be a time when an e-mail arrives between incoming mails that threaten you in some way. When that happens, you need to know what to do.

The most important thing to remember when receiving threatening emails is to not delete them and never respond to them. If you answer, you will give the matter the attention the sender wants. If you want to delete it, you have no proof that you have received anything. These are sometimes saved by email server servers, but they are difficult to add and the process can take some time.

The next thing you need to do is print out the entire email, headers as well. Headers are important because the information in it can be used to return the email to the sender. Take your print and go to the police to report. If you get more, do the same. If so, do the same with the FBI. This is actually federal crime.

You can forward a copy of your email to your Internet Service Provider and the email service you are using, if the two are different. You must also send the complete email (again, including headers) to the email provider from which the email was sent. No matter who sent this and how many times the e-mail was printed, it will still be absent from the deletion. If you do not want to see it, create a folder in your email account to forward it for future reference.

You can also find tools to help find the origin of threatening emails if you feel you have to. If you decide that someone in your town or someone you know is a good idea to avoid them. You can not do this if you do not know who you are. Nevertheless, whatever you find, do not contact any person in any way. Take what you find in the police.

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